Monday, July 25, 2011

An Owl Prowl Scrapbooking Freebie

An Owl Prowl FREEBIE!!!

I've been swamped with creative projects and family emergencies lately, and for some reason, owls just seem to be popping up all over. I think it's kind of like being pregnant or buying a new car. You never notice all the pending babies or exact copies of your car until YOU are expecting (whether baby or car, lol!). 

And here's a freebie owl for you. Commercial use okay, no attribution necessary! Just click on the image.

Owl I am I owe to yooooooo!

I have gathered a whole bunch of places on the internet where you can find owls in one form or another. Add this free one to your next layout or kit (yes, it's commercial friendly!) and get inspiration from a whole congress of others! (Did you know a group of owls is called a "congress"? I don't know, owls are normally a symbol of learning and wisdom. I don't see how that relates to Congress, do you?)  This little blog has some adorable little owls that could quite easily be made into pillows or as gifts or favors at a party. Make it Monday has a great tutorial on making some very cute owl treat bags (hers were made for trick or treating). There are some really cute little owl "egg cozies" that will get you really inspired, and a download for an owl box, too! At Inna's Creations, she has a bunch of owl ideas. You'll have fun wandering around her blog! If you have kids and don't subscribe to Crafts by Amanda, shame on you! If you're an adult, sign up for her newsletter anyway. You'll love all the different things she does, including this flying paper-plate owl! Here's a really fun place to find all kinds of owl crafts, as well as a lot of other stuff. The third picture of "Felted Owl Crafts" shows some adorable owls that were originally created on the next blog. is where the adorable little critters originated. They were featured on Martha! Get your kids, some crepe paper, plastic eggs, construction paper, blue, and googly-eyes and make one of these little cuties! Easy-peasy! Here you can get inspired by a couple of pages of cute owl crafts. I especially like the print. One owl has a military buzz! Here's a great place to find owls in cards, crafts and activities. All of the downloads are absolutely free. Go, girl! Are you into making your kids' costumes? Take a look at how to make a pink owl costume!
Look around a little here. There's also a matching pink owl treat pail! Here you'll find links to bead patterns, embroidery and needlework patterns and printable, too. Danielle's Place has a number of cute owl crafts. This homeschooling site has an entire unit on owls, including crafts. Take a look around. Have you ever visited craftjuice? It's high time you did. This site is just wonderful for all of us crafty folks. If you or your kids are fans of Harry Potter, you're sure to like this little owl egg cozy at the Leaky Cauldron. A family of owls made from painted toilet paper tubes are so cute, and not your run-of-the-mill t.p. craft!  All this crafting making you hungry? Take a flying leap (superhero style) over to this blog and make yourself a healthy, yummy owl treat! This homeschooling blog includes recipes for owl cupcakes and owl cookies. Yum! Moonstitches has the cutest owl banner you can very easily make with their tutorial. Take a look at the photo tutorial with this unbelievably cute little girl doing the crafting. You'll want one too! (Both the craft and the kid!) HandMadeNews touts itself as the Largest Handmade Craft Blog on Earth and includes a cute knitted owl with all instructions for teaching how to knit in rhyme for your kids (or you. I still sing the Alphabet Song to remember where a letter falls!) Turn a simple paper glove lantern into a sweet owl. (It's called "Owl A Glow." Clever!) Join Women's Day magazine in sewing this owl. Like a small pillow! Give those old socks new life with this little sweetie from Family Crafts at These ladies have it all wrapped up with a huge list of places to buy all kinds of cute owlies. After you see these rock owls, you might want to run out and find your own rocks to paint! This is one I just have to do. Winsome little Japanese owl brooch perched on a tiny branch. Here's a kind of different paper lunch-bag owl that also doubles as a gift wrap. 


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  4. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I used this cutie for a timetable graphic.

  5. Thanks for sharing the owl printable, its adorable!! and I got to enjoy Hillsong's Hosanna in the mean time!! One of my faces! :)

  6. That was supposed to be one of my favorites!! lol