Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Accomplished! Leggings and socks (Link Party!)

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My newest grandbaby, Remy, was born in July, and last week we went shopping to find some big people's socks to make tiny little leggings. My daughter in law chose two pair, one in blue and one in green, kind of tie-dyed looking. I'd been putting off making the leggings because I'm working on another project that's more fun. But today I decided to make the leggings and finish the burp cloths I had all ready (since a week after the baby was born!) Leggings are so easy to make for tiny little girls! Just measure the length of her legs, and an inch or so for growing (babies do that WAY too fast!), and cut that length off the leg portion of the knee socks. Then cut them in half so you have two pieces the right length. Turn them inside out and first overcast or zig-zag the cut edge. Then fold in half lengthwise and sew the seam. That's it! You're done!

But the socks I was using were about four inches longer than I needed, so I decided to make socks out of the rest. Simply cut lengthwise, like you did for the leggings, finish one cut edge, and round the other edge before you seam it up. Easy peasy! (If you can't visualize what I'm talking about, let me know and I'll do a photo tutorial.)

Here they are!

Oh, and here's the stack of burp cloths I (finally) finished! YAY! 2 more projects finished!

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