Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm into today

You know, creatives don't limit themselves to just one kind of creativity. I'm sure you don't, and neither do I. So, I wanted to share with you what I'm into besides digital scrapbooking. Sewing!

I've been sewing for many years, but this summer, I've discovered how to design and make my own patterns! Here's one. It's a blue print tote with bright yellow pleats on six outside pockets. There aren't any inside pockets, but who cares? Look at all the accessories I've made to go along! There's a square zippered pouch, a long, cylindrical zippered pouch, a zippered pencil case, a drawstring bag, a card case (I use it instead of a wallet) and a little owl key fob. There's one more piece that I'll post later, but it isn't my pattern, so I wanted it separate. When I post it, I'll include the link to the tutorial.

So here it is. What do you think?

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