Monday, January 2, 2012

Join me in a year-long challenge!

Last layout of 2011: 10 Grandest Things of 2011

Come scrap along with me... the best is yet to be! I have a new year's challenge for you: let's create a scrapbook album as we go through the year. I'm going to make mine weekly, but you can do monthly, or by theme, or whatever you want to do as long as the posts are regular. Mine will be done on Saturday, because that's the end of the week (at least in the US)and I need a week's worth of adventure and exploring, and photographs to scrap. So here's the deal:

1 - Pick a day—any day. It can be (like mine) a certain day of the week or perhaps a particular day of the month like the 15th or the third Sunday... just so long as it's regular.

2 - Leave a comment telling me what you have chosen.

3 - Do your layout and then email me your layout ( and I'll post your layout here.

4 - Each layout will receive a number, and at the end of the month (on the last day), I'll randomly choose a number and that person will win a prize. (Hint: if you plan on doing one per week, that gives you four chances per month— and sometimes five!— to win that prize!

Are you all set? Are you pumped? If not, put your thinking cap on and get busy dreaming up your layouts! (You can find some inspiration and templates on my "freebies" page.

Happy hunting!

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