Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Matchbook notepad freebie!

Make Some Matchbook Notepads!

Here's an easy-peasy project you can do really quick. If you want to, make a few for your Valentine!

To start, you'll need some cardstock and some plain copy paper.

Decide just how big you want your final size to be, and make the length of your cardstock 2 times plus 1/2" x the width you choose. My first matchbook notepad was 2-1/4" x 3," so my measurements were 5" (2-1/4" x2 plus 1/2") by 3."

Cut your cardstock to these measurements.

Next score your cardstock at 1/2" and then at your measurement plus 1/2" (2.25 plus .5 = 3.75")

I actually prescored and then cut the cardstock for the first one,
but then cut the cardstock first after that.

Next cut your copy paper to the finished dimensions (in my case, 3" x 2.25")

Holding your cardstock vertically with the 1/2" score mark at the bottom, valley-fold the 1/2" part (fold it up). Then mountain fold the second scoreline (fold it down).

Place the paper inside the bottom half of the cardstock and staple close to the bottom edge, making sure to staple through the paper and cardstock both. Tuck the top edge in and you're done!

Here are a few I did this afternoon. You can dress them up any way you want to with whatever embellishments you have on hand, or make them into mini-valentines! Whatever you decide, have fun!

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