Saturday, April 7, 2012

A product I love (and I think you will, too!)

Sharp Crochet Hook
Gifted by Sharp Crochet Hook
Reviewed by Melissa Conner

Blankets, gloves, socks, pillowcases, and even paper crafts can have a beautiful crocheted edge with the Sharp Crochet Hook tool.

The Sharp Crochet Hook is a great tool for anyone who loves a frilly softedge to their various projects. This unique hook has a sharp point right above the hook, so it’s easy to push it through fabric, burlap, and paper.

Included with this tool is a small book of 15 edging patterns, arranged from easy to advanced. Even the easiest of patterns looks like it was done by a pro! The “So Sweet” pattern, for example, is great for intermediate crocheters and would look beautiful on an afghan or a pair of gloves. For those who like a good challenge, the “Heaven in Bloom” pattern teaches you to create a beautiful border of crocheted flowers, which would look cute on a baby blanket or a spring lace tablecloth.

The Sharp Crochet Hook is a great tool for those who love to add a special touch to their projects. From fabric to paper, this hook takes your crafts “over the edge!” 

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