Friday, August 17, 2012

Homeschooling a one-year-old

I helped my middle daughter find a curriculum to homeschool her three children recently, and it got me feeling nostalgic about homeschooling. All five of my own children are graduates of homeschooling. Then I realized that when I was a preschool teacher, teaching twos and threes, our nursery school also had a curriculum for babies, and thought voila! Since I babysit my thirteen month old granddaughter every day, I could "homeschool" her and kill two birds with one stone. Her parents are super-intelligent individuals who are dedicated to bringing up their little ones (she's their only right now) with well thought out objectives to enable them to become whatever God has in store for them.

So with mom and dad on board, I started researching curriculum for one-year-olds. And it's truly amazing what a plethora of options there are! With the experience I've had, I still want to read all I can about ideas and examples that will help me teach my baby granddaughter in a manner that is exciting for her, and fulfilling for the teacher in me, too.

Is that wrong? I mean, homeschooling her will satisfy a yearning in myself, as well as benefiting her. Am I being selfish, "using" her for my own purposes? I don't think I am. What do you think?

As I go along, I'll post occasionally about her "schooling." I hope you'll enjoy the posts!

On another front, I've taken part of Kids in Kahoots to a new level. Calling this subset "Toymaker," I've designed a logo and am having cards, banner, and t-shirt  printed with the new logo on them. I will do a "grand opening" at the craft market where I sell my handmade toys every weekend, next weekend. (Haven't gotten the things back from the printer yet.)

Wanna see the new logo? Well, you can, but you have to wait until next week. Until then, have fun and go tell some people you love them!

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