Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Old Dogs and New Tricks

My little minpin, Tosh, is fast declining. She's all but blind, can't find food in front of her nose (really!), and wants to be carried up and down the stairs. Our other minpin, Mac (yeah, Mac-and-Tosh) is full of mischief and constantly keeps us amused with his antics. But Tosh is well past his puppy-like behavior, and only wants to sleep all day (preferably in my lap).

Well, on to happy news! I'm making toys for my craft booth at Grapevine Market, and am concentrating on primitives this year. Figuring out how to stain muslin and osnaburg to have  that old-fashioned patina has been challenging, but fun. Trying to get just that right shade, I've used tea, coffee, cinnamon, and (finally!) wood stain. With a brush and some light Minwax wood finish (golden pecan) the toys take on just the right shade and I really like the results. Here's one little sweetie I did with a pattern from Threadbare Primitives. She is the first prim I've completed! What do you think?

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