Sunday, August 25, 2013

A freebie for you and a new puppy for me

I'm so excited! Today I picked out my new puppy, a Toy Australian Shepherd! She's a little red tri-color girl, just five weeks old. I can't take her away from her momma for another three weeks, but she's mine! Her registered name will be Sweet Paprika, but her call name will be Sadie. I plan on training her for obedience, agility, and therapy work. She's gonna be a busy little dog! So to share my good fortune, I want to share some pictures of her, and then give you a freebie. So here you go:

 Sadie's dad, Cinnamon
 Sadie's mom, Princess

And a freebie for you!


  1. Cute kit, thanks, just not half as cute as Sadie. Looks like she will be a ham too as she sure posed quite well for you.

  2. You are sooo lucky, she is a beautiful doll!! There's no doubt she gets if from her parents. Hopefully she'll be house trained when you get her, to me that's the worst part. She is just precious though.
    Thank you for sharing her and the nice kit with us.

  3. Beautiful Aussies!! I am lucky to keep some of these gentle babies in my kennel from time to time!!

    THanks so much for all the pretty download gifts - I found several I could not live without!!