Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh, no! I missed a day! Two freebies today!

Well, friends, despite my best intentions, I missed a day. I'm so sorry! To make up the day, I'm going to post two freebies today, and two tomorrow. I looked up the etymology of "intention" and discovered that it actually means one's purposes with regard to courtship and marriage, and stretching, intensity, will, or thought. It comes from the Latin "intentionem," a noun of action, which itself comes from "intendere." So I guess my desire is to remain "married" to you, so you always come back to my blog! (But note: even the best of marriages sometimes have spats, so look upon this breach of my promise as that, and forgive me!)

That said, here's number one. It is a soapstone heart, engraved with a lace motif, and is very similar to one my husband gave me a few Valentine's Days back. Click on the image to download from Media Fire (no waiting!).

I'll be back shortly to upload number two.

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  1. Hello and Thank you for the heart and the heart template...

  2. I love the way you design, thank you for sharing your awesome talent :)