Monday, July 15, 2013

An announcement and a freebie

I'm pleased to announce that my designs will once again be offered for sale at my new Etsy store ( Please note that the final H in my name is left off in the shop address (due to the length of my name, I suspect).

What this means for my blog is that all the freebies on my blog will still be available until the end of July, then I'll be going to one week active freebies. You'll have one week to download freebies and then they go on sale in my shop. But don't worry! There'll be more goodies than before (at least 2 a week)!

So to start this whole thing off, here are your first two freebies. Just click on the images to download and enjoy.

Don't worry about the black box around the second one; it's not really there. Just that for some unknown reason my blog added it. It's a transparent png, I promise!

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  1. Hello!
    Read your comment on my blog http:/
    that you couldn´t find a password. How strange, download should be simple, without any password.
    Perhaps try again?